The Rock Rant Ep. 44: Stunt!

Hey Digital Fam! This week we’re discussing BNL’s US breakout, 1998’s “Stunt.” This week we’ve enlisted the help of a friend of ours who authored “The Barenaked Ladies Chronology,” Patrick Lemieux! If you’re interested in the deep dive that we did on this episode, go to Amazon and get Patrick’s book. He’s released similar works for Queen, Rush, David Bowie, and Mike Oldfield.


The Rock Rant 43: Gordon!

Hey there Digital Fam! Thank you for your patience as we dealt with technical difficulties. We’re back this week with a great episode that starts our look at Canada’s own Barenaked Ladies. We’re starting at the beginning with their 1992 debut album “Gordon.”

The Rock Rant 42: In Rainbows!

Hey Digital Fam! Sorry about how late this episode is. Sam’s schedule has been pretty hectic and I’m still at the beach. However, we will still get you a new episode every week as we have a couple in the can already. With that said, today’s episode concludes our look at Radiohead with a look at their 2007 return from hiatus known as “In Rainbows.” And as always with Radiohead, Brent and I disagree.

The Rock Rant 40: The Bends!

Hey Digital Fam! We’re back this week with a brand-spanking new trilogy discussing Radiohead. On this episode we begin with their 1995 album “The Bends.” For the first time in a long time, Brent and I disagreed in our thoughts on the album. Spoiler alert: that’s a running theme for this trilogy.

The Rock Rant 39: Rock N’ Roll Life Support

Hey everyone! Sorry for the gap in programming. Our editor was experiencing some nasty weather which left him without power during the usual time he works on our episodes. We will be back to regular release schedule starting this week though and we have a special presentation for you. This week, Brent and I talk about the state of rock music now and also discuss a couple of great up-and-coming bands including Greta Van Fleet, Them Evils, and Joyous Wolf.