The Rock Rant 68: Wasting Light

Hey everyone! This week we’re bringing you an all-new Rock Rant to conclude our trilogy on Foo Fighters. The album we’re discussing is their 2011 album “Wasting Light.” As always, we hope you listen and enjoy and participate in our weekly Twitter poll. Also, please note that this will be our last episode until April. We’ll explain why in the episode.

The Rock Rant Ep. 67: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late upload, but I’ve had a very busy beginning of the week. We didn’t even get to record until Monday night and I had a lot going on yesterday, so that’s why our episode is coming out on a Wednesday. All of that aside, today we’re continuing our discussion of Foo Fighters by talking about their 2007 release “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.” As always, enjoy the episode and don’t forget to vote in our Twitter poll.

The Rock Rant 66: In Your Honor!

Hey Digital Fam! Due to a scheduling issue, we’ve opted to start our trilogy on Foo Fighters this week. Don’t worry, we will still bring you our episode on UK subcultures some time in early March. For this week however, we’re discussing Foo Fighters’ 2005 double LP “In Your Honor.” Listen and enjoy and don’t forget to participate in our Twitter poll for the week.

The Rock Rant 62: 2018 in Review!

Hey Digital Fam, we’ve got an all-new episode for you this week! Instead of talking about an album, our episode is about examining rock music from 2018 and looking forward to the future of rock in 2019. Also, apologies for last week’s audio quality. My export setting got reset to “absolute garbage” instead of “listenable.” It has been fixed.