The Rock Rant Ep. 23- Tres Hombres!

This week on the Rock Rant, we’re beginning a trilogy on a band that everyone’s heard of, but few people really talk about. That band is, of course, ZZ Top! We’re kicking off with their 1973 album “Tres Hombres.


The Rock Rant Ep 22: A Farewell to Kings Reissue!

Today on the Rock Rant, we’re going back to our roots as we discuss the 40th Anniversary Reissue of A Farewell To Kings! You asked for it and we’ve delivered it. As much as we love discussing other bands and turning you guys onto music new and old, we will always take the opportunity to discuss anything new released from the Rush camp. As always, our episodes can be found on iTunes and right here

The Rock Rant Ep. 20: Songs From a Room Vol. 1

Merry Christmas Rock Ranters! This week on The Rock Rant, we did something very unusual and took a look at a country album from artist Chris Stapleton. We know that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but we would still like for you to listen as we discuss a genre that we haven’t talked about on the show yet. Additionally, there will not be a companion page for today’s episode. As always, new episodes can be found on iTunes and right here!