WGC Episode 6: Year 3000 and What I Go To School For

On today’s episode we talk about a little-known band from Essex called Busted and their two biggest hits, Year 3000 and What I Go To School For…as well as the bastardized covers of both songs by the Disney-created disaster of a band known as The Jonas Brothers.


The Rock Rant 38: Dark Secrets

Hey everyone! So for today’s episode Brent and I are discussing some of our more unpopular opinions on the music we cover. These opinions can be so unpopular that we mostly keep them to ourselves. Everyone has a few dark musical secrets that they keep locked away and today we are showing you guys some of ours!

The Rock Rant Ep. 36: Indestructible!

Hey Digital Fam! Today we continue our look at Disturbed by talking about their 2008 album “Indestructible.” We hope you enjoy the show but, we feel it fair to warn you that today’s album covers many dark subject matters and our discussion reflects that. If you do not wish to hear discussions of suicide or depression, then pass over this one until you feel ready to give it a listen.