The Rock Rant Ep. 2: Prom Night

Thank you one and all for being patient and waiting for an all-new, jumbo-sized installment of our new format, The Rock Rant! This week, Brent and I are lambasting annoying songs that seem to pop up at every wedding, prom, birthday party, etc and even showing you how some of them don’t mean what you think they mean. So don that powder blue tux or horrible dress with puffy sleeves, pick up your date in your mom’s Pinto, and get ready to hear songs differently! This episode can be found on iTunes and right here!

Episode 39: The Digies

Today Brent and I are turning our backs to the wind to catch our breaths before we start off again. By that, we mean that today’s all new episode of Digital Men is a retrospective of all of Rush’s studio albums and our own little award show for you guys who have helped us out! As always, you can find our episodes on iTunes and right here! There’s not a companion for this episode, but you can always find some entertaining goodness on the website!

The Rock Rant Pilot

Sirens are screaming and the fires are howling cause we’re not talking Rush tonight. However, we are trying out a new, broader format and discussing one of the best-selling albums of all time as well as a standard of classic rock. This week, we’re talking about Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell. As always, you can find our episodes on iTunes and right here! Keep it here for today’s companion too!