The Rock Rant Ep. 46: Them Evils!

Hey Digital Fam! This week we’re bringing you some new rock music with the lead singer/guitar player of SoCal rock band Them Evils, Jordan Griffin! This was a really fun interview. Jordan is a really laid back and fun guy with some great stories about their rise as a band and their particular musical style. He also provides us with the greatest slogan in all of rock and roll history.


The Rock Rant 42: In Rainbows!

Hey Digital Fam! Sorry about how late this episode is. Sam’s schedule has been pretty hectic and I’m still at the beach. However, we will still get you a new episode every week as we have a couple in the can already. With that said, today’s episode concludes our look at Radiohead with a look at their 2007 return from hiatus known as “In Rainbows.” And as always with Radiohead, Brent and I disagree.